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Marysville Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairYou garage door springs are the heart and soul of your garage door system. The springs do all the heavy lifting, all the hard labor, and all the dirty work. Marysville Garage Door Springs is the only garage door repair company that specializes in garage door springs. We have the largest selection, the best prices and the most experience in garage door spring replacement.

If Marysville Garage Door Springs doesn’t have the exact garage door spring you need, no one does. We can even perform conversions on older models that are no longer manufactured, so you can use standard garage door springs.

Now let’s ask the experts at Marysville Garage Door Springs the two most pressing questions of garage door ownership:

Do I need to replace both garage door springs when one pops?

ANSWER: Yes, and no. It is advisable to change both springs at the same time, if you have tension springs on either side of the door, for the sake of symmetry and balance – but it’s not a “must-do.” It depends on your garage door system, your budget and you pattern of use. Our knowledgeable technicians will walk you through the options, leaving the final decision up to you!

Here’s what our seasoned technicians have to say on the matter:

  • Rick (12 years experience): It depends how much you use the garage door. If you use your garage door once a day or less, you have the option of replacing one or both.
  • Stan (8 years experience): You should probably replace both garage door springs at the same time, so the door will be even and balanced.
  • Adry (10 years experience): It is advisable to change both, but there is no hard and fast rule about it.
  • Gil (21 years experience) Oftentimes only one of the springs is defective, so replacing both is a waste of time and money, but we always inspect the whole system carefully

One thing is for sure, your garage door spring are the unsung heroes of modern civilization. They lift and lower your 200-pound garage door thousands of times a year, with little or no maintenance, and they never complain or go on strike. By the way, contrary to popular belief, your garage door opener does NOT lift your garage door. The opener only tells the springs how much to raise the garage door, and when to stop. Here at Marysville Garage Door Springs we salute the garage door spring as one of the most important building blocks of space-age creature comforts. Without springs, the world would lack for pop-up toasters, pogo sticks, and labor-saving automatic garage doors.

Why can’t they make garage door springs that last forever – or is it a case of planned obsolescence?

As you may know, planned obsolescence is the practice of making products that purposely break down - or go out of style – quickly, forcing the consumer to purchase a replacement product. It is rumored to be engineered into cars, light bulbs, and every single item in the Family Dollar Store.

But not garage door springs! Garage door springs have to pop every once in a while, to relieve the tremendous tension in your garage door system. They’re like safety fuses, the weakest links, engineered to snap when the pressure builds up – so you’re garage door doesn’t e-x-p-l-o-d-e. Be thankful that garage doors springs snap when the pressure is too intense or too uneven. And be grateful that Marysville Garage Door Springs is always available to replace your garage door springs. We can get your garage door back in service without your missing a beat.

Marysville Garage Door Springs gives you TWO less things to worry about.

Marysville Garage Door Springs

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